Business to Consumer (B2C) Industry Solutions

Web Design Melbourne Florida (eWareness) actively works with many businesses throughout Central Florida and around the United States that sell products or services directly to the end-user (customer). Here’s a partial list of the types of business to consumer (B2C) businesses we work with:


Processional Service Providers

Competitive Irrigation
Space Coast Rain Gutters
Ocean Exposures Photography

Tropic Greenery (Space Coast Landscaping Services)

Vacation, Resorts and Lodging

Hawk’s Nest Resort (Cat Island, Bahamas)
Melbourne Harbor Condominiums

Entertainment Locations

Loughman Lakes

Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Florida Muscle Cars
Southern Pine Lumber

Online Retails Stores


Gyms and Health Clubs

Healthcare Providers

Tepas Healthcare
Cosmetic Laser Vein Solutions
Tepas Breast Center
Institute for Healthcare

Healthy Journeys

Urgent Care Clinics


Bars and Night Clubs

Real Estate Offices

Real Estate Development Services

Wholesale Clubs