Business to Government Companies

Does your business sell to government agencies, prime contractors and/or sub-contractors who also deal directly with federal, state, county and/or city government purchasing departments? eWareness understands your marketplace! We work with many Business to Government (B2G) companies helping you better market your products/services for government contracting.

Business to Business Companies

Does you company sell products and/or services to other businesses? Do you sell to the end-user, but not with the typical sales’ cycle? We understand your marketplace! eWareness works closely with many technology companies, aerospace businesses, nonprofits, manufacturers and more to help you grow your market by utilizing effective and efficient (and affordable) web-centric solutions.

Business to Consumer Companies

Does your business sell products and/or services directly to the end-user (consumer)? Whether you are a regional restaurant chain looking to reach more patrons, a retail store looking to increase your profit margins or a plastic surgeon looking to launch an integrated social media campaign, eWareness can help you reach your business goals through our affordable and effective B2C solutions.

Nonprofit Organizations

Is your organization classified as a nonprofit?  eWareness has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations around Brevard County as well as throughout Florida and the United States.  We’ve built many websites for nonprofits on content management systems (CMS) that integrate everything from fundraising, member email newsletters to donations and event organization via CiviCRM and other plugins important for charitable organizations.  In several instances we were able to help our nonprofit client obtain funding and grants in order to fund their marketing projects. Additionally, we’ve helped create logos, marketing collateral (brochures, datasheets, folders and more) and more. eWareness can help your nonprofit growth goals through our affordable and effective marketing and technology solutions.