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eWareness’ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services:

Search Engine Marketing LogoWith over a two decades of experience helping companies market themselves on the Internet, eWareness has the expertise to help create eWareness around your company, product or service, help turn those visitors into leads and help you reduce your sales cycle.

eWareness’ Search Engine Marketing Services are not the same services offered by those fly by night companies preaching their internet marketing competency and giving bogus advice that will severely impact your search engine results. Our services are search marketing services. They come from over a decade of web marketing from a traditional marketing perspective.

Web marketing has a foundation. Most sites (even award winning sites) are missing the fundamentals. These web fundamentals are needed in order to optimize your site for the search engines. Many web designers and most self proclaimed “Internet Marketing Experts” don’t understand the fundamentals. It is for this reason why they move to run ads on Yahoo and Google. Why on earth would you need to run an ad at say $4.50 per click if your site shows up in the first few spots? By the way, we aren’t knocking Yahoo and Google. Our president is a past Yahoo Ambassador and a Google Advertising Professional. There is a place for online advertising. It’s not the save all for a site with lacking traffic. It was developed to work in conjunction with a properly optimized web site.

Simply put: our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services come directly from our solid background and understanding of marketing!

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