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Search Engine Optimization LogoeWareness has been helping clients with search engine optimization (SEO) services for nearly two decades.  We understand the fundamental reasons why a site isn’t showing up well in the search engines and, more importantly, why a website is showing up well. Many reasons why a site doesn’t do well in say Google often times comes down to a site that wasn’t set up properly when it was first built.  Broken links, inadequate content and many other things usually has these website owners wondering why businesses claim the Internet is such a successful and affordable marketing solutions

Like many things in life, self destructive patterns can typically be traced back to bad habits. When it comes to search engine optimization, many unsuccessful campaigns can usually be traced back to a poor understanding of the fundamentals of SEO.  And unfortunately for many small businesses (and even large), there are many self-proclaimed Search Engine Optimization Gurus out there who will gladly give you all the advice you think you need.  Many of the calls we get now days are from businesses who put their trust into a person (or even business) and found said trust has cost them traffic, quality leads, and of course time and money.

Simply put: our Search Engine Optimization services come directly from our solid background and understanding of marketing!

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